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Life is Joyous and Juicy.

I'm a modern girl (who don't fold in half so easily)

29 March 1984

Hi. I'm Sarah, the LJer formally known as "fuckedupinpink". Born and raised in Montreal, but I've been in Vancouver for over 10 years now, and so I guess that makes me a local. Some will tell you that this city is one that you come to quickly outgrow; me, I'm rather impossibly fond of this corner of the world - the ocean and mountains do wonders for me.

I'm working on the transition between my undergraduate years to graduate work (think: critical theory -- gender studies, post/colonialism). When I'm not busy pulling my hair out trying to learn to be an academic, I dance (mostly modern and tap these days, and getting back into swing), miss my piano, and love my partner (sometimes plurally). I'm quirky and dischevelled, have a brain that's working on disolving the barrier that I've imposed on it for too long that separates the creative from the academic, a heart that I sometimes think is too big for my own damn good, a body that loves to move and be moved, and am impulsive to a fault: my journal is pretty much a chronicle/manifestation of all of this.

I've been described as a firebrand.

I work with kids, because there's no better way to be reminded each day that "life is joyous and juicy". (Yesterday, I was told I was a "beautiful volcano".) I've taught dance and swimming, and run daycamps during the summer, and spent many years nannying for children I came to love as my own.

I've been known to spend a weekend stripped down to my skivvies, painting a lover's bedroom a stunning shade of deep red.
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